Why You Should Avoid Buying A Counterfeit Watch Winder Automatic

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Watch winder is a state of the art when it comes to wrist watch collection displays. For this reason, a lot of watch collectors sought this item as a complementary piece to their watch collection. Unfortunately, some irresponsible manufacturers try to make profits by copying and selling counterfeits of watch winder automatic. So, here’s why you should avoid buying them at all costs.

Risk of overwinding

Overwinding is a common problem for automatic watches. It refers to the excessive winding that automatic watches receive. Fortunately, this won’t cause much damage if it happens once or twice. However, it would damage your vintage watch if it happens continuously. Overwinding will cause the watch’s internal parts to wear out.

Most automatic watch winder box is equipped with adjustable rotation modes. This allows the watch to receive precise rotation when the watch is placed in a watch winder. However, most counterfeit watch winders are missing this feature. This creates the possibility of watch damage due to overwinding.


Another problem that might be caused by counterfeit watch winder automatic is magnetism. Magnetism refers to the magnetic field caused by your watch winder’s motor rotation. Most reputable watch winder manufacturers use dedicated motors for their watch winder. These motors are designed to rotate normally without causing a dangerous magnetic field.

On the other hand, counterfeit automatic watch winder manufacturers put less to no care for this problem. So, they usually put unreliable motors in their winter. A magnetic field will cause mechanical parts inside to turn magnetic. As a result, a magnetized automatic watch will become inaccurate.

Durability issue

Counterfeit watch winders are usually produced in huge quantities. As a result, manufacturers are careless when it comes to parts and material selection. This carelessness resulted in the poor quality of the final products. They might be extremely cheap, but a counterfeit watch winder is less durable than the original.

The sign for such low quality usually can be seen on the motor. A good-quality automatic watch winder will stay silent even after long-term use. On the other hand, the electric motor in the counterfeit watch winder will operate silently until a month of usage at maximum.

So, in conclusion, buying a counterfeit watch winder could be harmful to your watch. On top of that, fake watch winders are usually much less durable than the original. So, always buy the original watch winder automatic. Be sure to buy them from a reputable store. Even better, you could buy a winder from the manufacturer’s official store to avoid getting counterfeit products accidentally.

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